We almost missed a train!

I spent an amazing one month at Pune at my relative’s house and it was time to return back to home. I booked a train ticket online and we got ready to pack our baggage. 

Pune is now a crowded city, with a lot of traffic on roads. So, keeping that in mind, we left the house a little early on the day our train was scheduled. I checked the platform number on my phone, it was the number 3 platform. While we were at the back gate of the railway station, looking at the crowd, we proceeded to the platform quickly.


The Pune railway station is huge. I was sitting on the bench at the platform with my mom, sister, and my aunty. The final goodbye was going on because we still had 15 minutes more for the start of our train journey. 

Waiting for a train

I was continuously looking at the railway track, one superfast train passed by and after some time a train running to north India halted on the platform. It was around 5 minutes remaining for the arrival time. But usually, the train reaches the platform 5 or 10 minutes prior. I was very confused. We thought the Pune to Nagpur train was late. Also, the north India train wasn’t moving ahead of the platform. 

It was the arrival time. But no sign of our train on the platform. We asked many people about the same, but none knew about the problem. Finally, a ray of hope came by, we happened to meet some people going to Nagpur. But they were traveling by some different train and different time. And the platform we all were standing on was their train’s platform. 


Then we realized our platform number might be different. Fortunately, we met a coolie on a platform who directed us to the correct platform. As we came to know about this, we just ran with our heavy luggage on the platform to catch a train on platform number 2. There wasn’t any escalator or slope, so we had to carry our 5 bags through the stairs – climbing up and then again climbing down to another platform. 


Usually, the train waits for only minutes, so we had to hurry like a hurricane. I was running with 2 bags, my younger sister was carrying one big bag, and my mom and aunty were carrying 2 other large bags. As soon as we stepped on the platform, we could see the rail started moving forward. 

Running on a platform

We had to run on the platform to catch the rail. The speed is slow until the railway leaves the platform. So, I and my sister managed to catch a running train. We entered into a different compartment, but at least we boarded. As we turned towards the platform, my mom and aunty were still running. They both had bigger bags to carry, so I just thought to pull the chain to make the train stop. As I was thinking about the same, my mom hopped on the train with both bags. Standing at the door of the train compartment, we waved back aunty. My mom boarded in another compartment, so we waited for her to come ahead. Later we three moved to our compartment for which we had the tickets. 

That was a complete filmy style railway journey for us. All the people were looking at us running and it really felt like a Bollywood train sequence. Finally, we were relieved to sit in our seats. We called our aunty to comfort her too, who was still waiting on the platform.


The problem lies here

Later I checked the platform number on my phone again, it was still showing platform number 3, and at the same time, my aunty called me back, telling me the platform number written on the railway announcement board was platform 2. I literally facepalmed this whole situation. My mom was continuously scolding me for this. 

As we had a lot of languages and already checked the number on my phone, we missed seeing the announcement board. Also, entering from the back gate of the railway station, we weren’t sure about the placement of the announcement board. But later my aunty told me that it is at present at the entrance itself, but we ignored to see it because we all were busy in our talks. 

Almost missed a train but learned a lesson

We almost missed a train! It was one of the nerve-racking incidents of my life. I felt stupid at that moment but also learned a lesson. Whenever you travel by train:

1. Always double-check the platform number and arrival time on the platform itself, never rely completely on the phone.  

2. Interact with people around, to make sure you are standing on the correct platform.

3. Arrive early on the platform, because if such type of situation arises, then you can run on the platform too, to catch a train.

4. If such a condition happens, then ask loudly or shout at someone inside a train to pull a chain, because pulling a chain when the train hasn’t crossed a platform, isn’t a crime, it is understood someone is running behind. The train stops for another 2 to 3 minutes on the platform if this thing happens. 

Thoughts while waiting for a train

Hope you like reading this incident. I have shared a video on my youtube channel describing the thoughts a person has while waiting for a train on the railway platform. Do watch and tell me does it happens to you too?

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  1. Samruddhi

    Haha!! The experience indeed was amazing..!!!😂😍❤

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    You have written your experience very nicely😍 even I missed a train and had to run on the platform 😂 it was hilarious 😜

  3. Cedric Noronha

    Very good post. You have penned down your experience about you almost missing the train. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  4. Avantika

    Haha, even I had such crazy experience while traveling to Delhi 😂
    Nicely penned it down!

  5. Rohit

    This is amazing 😂, keep writing such travel incidents.

  6. Bengal Tiger

    Wish someone had written a similar post about near missing a train at Sealdah or Howrah railway stations in Kolkata, separated by at least 20 platforms apart, Pune would seem like nothing then 😜

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