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India, a country rich with culture and traditions, has its roots in the villages. The Indian village is the essence of India. Traveling has become a cliché term for amazing destinations and luxury hotels. But according to me, the actual traveling is about knowing local people, understanding their way of living, and then living the moments knowing the place. A traveler can gain the most splendorous experiences in the villages.

Today, I am going to take you through the relishing Indian Village ride.

Indian Village - Sitting on a bullock cart.

The journey towards the village “Khandala” near Nagpur, Maharashtra started.

It was the 10th of March 2020. The whole country was grooving in the celebrations of Holi, the Indian festival of colors. (This was the last festival India celebrated counting today because then started the national lock-down and the pandemic of COVID-19 in India.) I came home after enjoying Holi that day and cleaned myself to set out for a new journey.

My dad and I started our drive at 1 o’clock and were supposed to reach the village in 1.5 hours. We were invited to the village by some of our relatives we met at a family function. At that time I was unaware of the taste of village life and so my excitement level was doubled to experience this.

The roads were silent, the route along the way was beguiling with trees streaming the entire time. I spotted many mirages in the way. The sun and the clouds were alternately visiting the car’s windscreen.

The mesmerizing lake view

We stopped at many beautiful locations to click photos in our way. Many small villages came by. And finally, we reached our destination. There was a small alley with farms on both sides which lead to a very big entrance to the village. We parked our car in front of the house and our relatives welcomed us.

The village-style welcome:

Indian Village

Most of the villages in India have the tradition of washing hands and legs before entering the house, as the mark of cleanliness. Every house has a courtyard or space for cleaning yourself at the entrance of the house. So we did the same.

It was the month of March and is the farmer’s land in Vidarbha, we were offered oranges to eat along with Puran Poli – a very special sweet dish usually made at the time of Holi.

Nagpur is called as the ‘Orange city‘ and so is famous for its oranges.

The Farm Visit:

After taking some rest we started a tour of the village and the farms. We proceeded walking to their farm which was around 0.5 km from their house. The farm was marvelous, with a shed of cows at the start. Some cows and calves were tied and I offered them their food. At first, I was fearful of touching them, but as they started eating the fodder, they became friendly soon.

At the back of the shed, there was a huge farm, with so many orange trees, and each tree had copious oranges. We plucked the oranges and ate there. I remember eating at least 7 oranges during the farm visit. Further, we moved to wheat farms. I kept staring at them, the beauty of farms totally enriched me.

I have to say, villages are surely a photogenic location.

enjoying in the wheat farm

The farmers plant most of the crops they need. So they had many vegetables and some more fruit plantations too. The big section of cotton crops was also present. In the month of Feb, the seeded cotton was plucked and filled in the entire big room for further processing.

That was amazing to experience farm life. Although one day is not enough to get the taste of farming, one moment is enough to know about their hard work, their dedication towards farming. I learned something different this time, and this made my day. There is always something to learn on every tour – long or a short one. You just need to be adaptive!

The Bullock Cart Ride:

On the return journey to the house, we chose a bullock cart to drive us. The bullock cart journey was splendorous, also I had a chance to ride it. We reached the shed and saw villagers milking the cows. It was wonderful to see that. That gave us a village experience completely. Two cows were tied at the end to carry them till the shed.

Riding the bullock cart in the Indian village

The Starry and Silent village life:

By the time we reached the house, it was dark, and there were light rains. The atmosphere and the smell of soil gave me the real essence of villages. The night was silent, where you could only hear birds chirping, cattle mooing, and the winds blowing. The sky was enormously starry, and I could see the whole sky till horizon’s end in all directions, because of no high buildings and the existence of only farms and small houses everywhere. Those cold breezes and lovely gestures of people living there made the journey completely worthy. The mesmerizing view of the night sky with shining stars and the bright moon just made my night magical.

The villagers’ hearts are so pure and generous. They treat their guests like a god – “Atithi Devo bhava”. Villagers give you a perfect company, they teach you their farming skills and in return learn some technical things from us.

We had a delicious dinner, all the food was from their farm. Also specially for me “aalo bonde” were made, that’s the specialty of our relatives. After a walk and visiting some more relatives in the village, we are got ready for sleep.

I had the most pleasant and sound sleep that day. Villages have only natural air, a clean environment, and most important no pollution. Who wouldn’t like to have such a pleasant atmosphere?

The fresh and pleasant Morning:

The morning was beautiful. We had a morning walk by the lake nearby. That was a heavenly – nature’s miracle. The morning was a very fresh start of the day.

After exchanging some talks, and a light breakfast we enjoyed some time together. I helped aunty with lunch preparation. Usually, farmers have a large appetite and so they prepare food in profuse quantities for guests too.

The Delicious Village Food:

The food which was served to us was the most scrumptious food I have ever eaten. I had “basundi”, a sweet dish, and my most favorite too. Also, the lunch had a very delicious vegetable, have never tasted it before, also never seen it in any market. But that vegetable has many vitamins and nutrients.

Below is the large appetite we had that day – 3 different kinds of papads, rice, roti, kadhi, basundi, sabji and kande bhaje.

The Indian village style food

I was so full, that I slept for another 1 hr. And we started our return journey at around 3.

I had the best time in the village with great memories. Every journey gives you prolific moments to live by, to cherish, to experience, that stays with you forever. This Indian Village taught me to live the real me and to live to the fullest.

Hope you like this Indian village journey.

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        1. Janhvi Khante

          So mesmerized by your words. Thank you so much for your amazing comment. Mean a lot! 🙂

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