Things to do in Dubai | Part 2

The Dubai Chapter started with the mesmerizing desert safari and the tour at Dubai Marina. I have described my exquisite experiences at these flawless places in Dubai, but the tour doesn’t end there. The progressive glamorous Dubai has a lot to offer. This blog focuses on Dubai’s famous places to visit and things to do in Dubai continuing the previous blog.

After spending the entire 2nd day in Dubai Marina exploring palm islands and Burj Al Arab, we went for the astounding Cruise dinner at night to end the day with contentment.

Dhow Cruise Dinner – Dubai Marina

The extra fabulous Cruise Dinner at Dubai Marina is one of the phenomenal things to experience. The Arabic-style dinner in the traditional dhow boat, with the incredible night view of the marina and beautifully lighted buildings, will leave you awestruck. We choose to sit on the open-air platform, i.e upper side of the cruise. The night view of the city with the cold waves of the canal and the most scrumptious dinner was pleasant and peaceful. I enjoyed that day to the fullest with Arabian-style music and dazzling dance performance.  

When I started counting the number of flights taking off the airport, visible from the cruise, I just couldn’t stop counting, like there’s a flight every second – a sight not to forget.

After this Arabian flair dinner, the next day was filled with excitement at the Dubai Mall including the Dubai aquarium and the mighty Burj Khalifa. 

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world having copious brands and a totally worthy experience. One day is not enough to ramble this entire mall. This is the best place for fashion lovers who could totally engage in the clothing brands to jewelry shopping. The indoor fountain is the most photographed place in the mall, which has a roof opened during winters to indulge in an outdoor experience. The gaming zone, cinema complex, and a lot of picturesque spots in the mall make your day totally relishing.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The underwater zoo in Dubai Mall is the ultimate leisure destination for family and friends which walks you through the 48-meter long entertainment world – the huge aquarium which is a 10 million liter tank. This aquarium tunnel houses over 140 different marine species. The zoo houses a variety of aquatic animals and reptiles like penguins, crocodiles, and a lot more

Dubai Ice Rink is another fantastic activity in Dubai mall. This is one of my favorite spots to click a lot of pictures, enjoy the fountain show and the concerts in the multi-purpose arena with lots of shopping and dining. The fountain show was the loveliest experience I had in the mall.  You get the best and closest view of Burj Khalifa from this entryway. Next, we moved to visit the Burj Khalifa from inside.

Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building of over 828 meters is a combination of visionary beauty and fabulous architecture. The 163-floor building is huge touching the sky and making the heart beat faster as you climb up the building in the elevator. The Dubai view enlarges to a greater extent as you climb up to get the most majestic view of the land. The visitors are allowed to visit the observation decks on 124th, 125th, and 148th floors through the elevator. We purchased our tickets a month prior. The Dubai skyline view from the top is phenomenal. I couldn’t stop gazing at the view while admiring the beauty of various architectural structures visible from the top. 

Outside View from inside Burj Khalifa

Miracle Garden

If Dubai has architectural beauty, then it also has a floral wonderland. The extra fabulous display of a variety of flowers arranged in various floral structures will make you fall in love with this place. With more than 150 million flowers this place gives breathtaking visuals. This place is only open during the winter months i.e. from mid-November to mid-May.

Dubai Butterfly garden next to miracle garden is another paradise destination in Dubai. This place has around 10 different domes each filled with bewitching winged creatures. I was totally enthralled by the variety of butterflies (in different shapes and colors) around the place. This place is open all year round.

Global Village 

Global Village is an entertainment and leisure destination for travelers around the world. Every year a colorful event is hosted here to engage visitors in cultural and shopping fun. The place has many pavilions which represent various countries or region around the globe by creating a replica of the famous landmark of the respective place. The wonderful rides, cuisine, and performances give you one of the coolest experiences here. 

Skydiving and hot air balloon ride in Dubai are two astounding adventure sports that are loved by many. The craze for such sports is increasing day by day. I couldn’t perform these activities during my travel in 2013, but looking forward to another trip especially for this.

Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving is one of the craziest experiences anyone would like to do once in a lifetime. Falling freely from the sky – to experience the speedy winds, to look around the beautiful city as you fall, to live the moment up in the sky flying without wings to know that the parachute is going to guard you on the ground – is the best feeling. Dubai provides two different perspectives to leap over for skydiving – Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Desert.

Both tandem and solo skydiving options are available. The instructors guide every person with a complete set of instructions and demonstrations to make your up-to-down journey the supreme one. Along with the exciting experience, you get the video of your voyage to remember this lifetime. 

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Hot air balloon ride picture from pixabay

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the impressive views of the Arabian Desert as you fly in the thrilling and adventurous hot air balloon ride. The best views are the ones during sunsets when the sky imprints the beautiful sight with pleasant weather. The phenomenal sight of numerous air balloons flying in the sky is very delightful and totally picturesque. The lovely desert sand flying with colorful sky and panoramic view of air balloons will make your day.

This was the end of a majestic Dubai tour while collecting endless memories to sustain it forever. Our Dubai trip also included old Dubai covering in a day and Abu Dhabi covering the next day. (Will be covering Old Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the future blogs.) The overall experience in Dubai was breathtaking, that I feel like visiting this magnificent city again and again. 

Best Time to Visit Dubai – From November to March.

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