Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar – My wanderlust trip!

It was December – a holiday month in my college – and I was ready for another voyage to the super admiring hill station – Mahabaleshwar. The trip started with delightful planning and then we college mates began our journey from Pune to Mahabaleshwar.

About Mahabaleshwar – 


Mahabaleshwar is an enthralling hill station in Western ghats ranges in Maharashtra, India. The magnificent atmosphere along with majestic peaks, waterfalls, and dense forest welcomes a huge number of tourists every year to spend their perfect holidays. It is one of the best places to visit near Pune and Mumbai and a very famous place for strawberries.  

Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar –

I was very thrilled to visit this place in the coldest month of the year. I have been to this place before but have experienced the beauty of Mahabaleshwar in the monsoon and summer months.

And I must say, any season is perfect to experience this most gorgeous view.


How to reach Mahabaleshwar –

By roadways – Direct bus is available from Pune to Mahabaleshwar. Although, many travelers book a private cab/car for the entire vacation journey. Also, there is a picturesque route from Mumbai to Mahabaleswar, which many tourists opt for. 

My Wanderlust Mahabaleshwar Journey Begins –

We began our trip from Pune at 6 am in the morning and left for Mahabaleshwar. Before getting on the ghats road, we had our breakfast and reached the destination at around 10 am. The cold waves were already striking us to feel the chills of the hill station.

On the way to Mahabaleshwar, we visited our first captivating spot – Mapro gardens in Panchgani

I always heard about Panchgani school, education, and hostels, I wondered how lucky are those students who study in this mesmerizing weather? 

Mapro Garden


The Mapro is the renowned franchise here for scrumptious fruit-based products especially strawberry. The picturesque spot with greenery all around, children’s playing area, retail selling Mapro products as well as a refreshing restaurant are the treat to the eyes. The very special strawberries ice cream is a must-try dessert here. 


The retail shop sells delicious Mapro fruit syrups, jams, and squashes. They also give you free trials for selecting the crushes according to your taste.

The park is beautifully surrounded by the blossom of flowers and picturesque spots, especially the waterfalls and flowery garden set in a beautiful mountain backdrop will make you fascinated.

After spending an amazing time here, we proceeded to our Mahabaleshwar resort to have lunch. There are various amazing resorts in Mahabaleshwar that provide amazing services.

The next location was Venna Lake, a scenic lake that left me spellbound.

Venna Lake


A scenic human-made lake surrounded by lush greenery and spread over 28 acres provides the most dazzling experience. The rowboat or paddle-boat ride in the fascinating weather and a dreamy sunset view was the perfect moment to enjoy. Besides boating, horse riding is another attraction around the corner of the lake.

There are various food stalls to enjoy delicious street food items alongside the lake. We enjoyed sweet corn and kairis(raw mango) in this cold weather. 

We spent our later evening time watching the sunset at Wilson’s point


Mahabaleshwar street market

By the end of the day, we relished our time in the Mahabaleshwar street market. It was an amazing place for shopping for some strawberry products, graceful street jewelry, scrumptious chocolates, and many more. The night was even colder and the warm clothes and hot food were the only saviors. 

Spending time with friends and family in these markets becomes one of the beautiful memory for anyone who visits this place. 

The day has to end with the smashing bonfire – Random talks and loud laughs – Ghost stories and crazy fun – Revealing secrets and a huge memory collection!

The new day started with mind-blowing enthusiasm. We proceeded towards the iconic and historic Pratapgad fort.

Pratapgad Fort 


The fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, at 1080 meters above sea level, is one of the best places to visit for travelers loving adventure and history. This massive fort having heroic history (where Shivaji Maharaj won the battle against Afzal Khan ) can be explored with amazing features. The fort has many towers and a square-shaped region at the top including Lord Mahadev temple and a retail shop selling handmade products.

The huge fort offers you a delightful visit with the cool surroundings and remarkable scenery. We enjoyed lemonade before mounting up and then had very special Bhakri – Pithala and Kanda-bhaji must-try food items up in the fort area. 

This place is also notable for an impressive photoshoot. I could sit here for hours admiring nature.

After the remarkable lunch, we proceeded to the most popular viewpoint in Mahabaleshwar which offers a splendid view of mountains and peaks.

Arthur’s Seat 


Popularly called as Queen of Points clearly shows the contrast between Konkan and Deccan territories. Arthur Seat area has 6 points – Arthur’s Seat Point, Echo Point, Hunter Point, Tiger Spring Point, Window Point, and Malcolm Point each one having its own specialty. It’s very stunning to walk and enjoy the distinct views from each point while capturing the best shots in your cameras. The beauty of the grand canyon view left me spellbound

This is a huge place and the perfect spot not to be missed. 

Later we proceeded to one of the highest points in Mahabaleshwar.

Elphinstone Point


This enchanting place offers a panoramic view of the Pratapgad fort and delightful valleys. This point is surrounded by alluring flora and is a charming photography spot. It is around 3km from Arthur’s seat. The ravine between the points is wonderful to experience. It provides the best view to enjoy the sunsets with altering beautiful colors of nature in the cool breezy atmosphere. 

Those were the great two days, with so many memories in this magnificent Mahabaleshwar. And the journey doesn’t end so quickly, because the next day we proceeded to another voyage – Alibag.

The marvelous two days at Mahabaleshwar were fabulous, making me ready for another trip to this place again! 

You can enjoy reading by trekking ride to Lohagad Fort near Pune too.

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