Delhi Travel Guide: Places to visit and enjoy!

Delhi, the national capital of India is one of the best places to tour and enjoy. Delhi has everything right from historic India Gate to exciting Chandni Chowk – a city is full of life.

Usually, many Indian travel itineraries start from Delhi, and thus people usually give two or three days to visit this wonderful city. This blog is my travel tale to Delhi for two days which covers the aesthetic Delhi places in an exciting way.


I love the feeling of going to a new place, enjoying the new city vibes, and living in the locality. Every city has its own feels that remind you of that place forever.

I was in 6th grade when I visited Delhi for the first time. I was delighted to trip the city and from that day onwards my passion for traveling grew. Delhi as a city is marvelous to explore and to live in.

How to reach Delhi:

Being the capital of India, Delhi has each and every transport facility available. 

I began my journey by taking the Delhi Nagpur flight to reach the huge and marvelous Delhi airport – Indira Gandhi International Airport. This was my first flight experience and I was amazed to see this astounding airport offering amazing shopping and dining services too.


1. Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat is the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi. This place is visited by many tourists to pay their respects to the father of the Nation. His teachings are very beautifully projected with photos and sculptures in the midst of a beautiful garden. This place has samadhis of various other remarkable leaders in India. 

2. Rashtrapati Bhavan 

The official residence of the President of India stands as the important building of India. The very impressive Mughal garden in the Rashtrapati Bhavan is splendid to watch, which is open to the public only during the months of February and March. 

The road from Rashtrapati Bhavan and India gate is marvelous – lush greenery, splendid canals, and the row of trees on both sides.  that reminded me of the Republic Day Parade. It feels so astounding to move on this road popularly known as Rajpath – King’s Way / The Royal Road

3. India Gate


The outstanding structure is built as a tribute to the courageous soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the county. Their names have been inscribed on the walls of India Gate. Another special thing here is Amar Jawan Jyoti – a significant flame that burns day and night – dedicated to the soldiers. 

4. Laxmi Narayan Mandir / Birla Mandir 


The temple located in Connaught place is a very popular destination in Delhi attracting many tourists. As the name suggests, the Lord Narayan Shrine is the prime attraction, although it houses many other shrines giving a pleasant atmosphere.  

Connaught place is famous for the business and commercial centers of Delhi. I personally loved the market which has toothsome dining services and you get a sprawling time for shopping. 

5. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib 


This place is the prominent gurudwara (a spiritual place of Sikhs) in Delhi. The place is very peaceful that it feels like staying here for a while. The white marble and golden dome with the beautiful architecture all around, makes the atmosphere very lovely and peaceful. 

The magnificent Golden Temple at Amritsar is another famous gurudwara that many people like to visit. You can read my blog about this place and enjoy the tour here too.

6. Red Fort


Red Fort, UNESCO world heritage site, gets its name from the red sandstone walls has beautiful Mughal architecture and complex creativity constructed by the emperor Shah Jahan.

Various precious artifacts are displayed in the Red Fort museum. You can spend your time in the old shops selling souvenirs inside Red Fort. We missed our visit to the museum since we arrived late in the evening, so we spent time sitting in the gardens of Red Fort which was kind of refreshing too.

Outside the Redfort, I spotted a rickshaw and enjoyed a fun ride facing backward. Later I came to know the rickshaw ride is quite famous in Delhi, one should definitely try.

7. Humayun’s Tomb


The marvelous Mughal tomb with brilliantly proportional architecture in the symmetrical gardens is one of the best structures I have ever seen. 

We hired a guide here who gave us major information on the history of the tomb built in the memory of the Mughal emperor Humayun.

8. Lodhi Gardens


The place near Humayun’s Tomb is a beautiful green park with a charming and peaceful atmosphere.

I remember sitting below a tree and admiring the beauty of the garden while squirrels entertaining us the entire time. That was a very pleasant time. 

9. Qutub Minar


Delhi is famous for its historic monuments and Qutub Minar is another such iconic architecture. The five storey monument stands as the tallest brick building in the world. I was amazed by its architecture. 

The Iron Pillar, another wonderful monument in the Qutub Minar’s area has been standing for over 1600 yrs without getting rusted/corroded in spite of being made from 98% wrought iron. 

This place was really amazing – there was science, architecture, and engineering involved in the making of these two incredible architectures.  

10. Akshardham Temple

The breathtaking Hindu Temple has impressive design and architecture and feels like a paradise to spirituality. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, this temple is the epitome of Indian culture.

It’s preferable to start touring this place in the morning, as Akshardham temple takes almost half a day to visit. There’s a long queue at the entry point. But the wait is worth, because the intricate wall designs, brilliantly carved structures will make you awe-struct.

I just can’t forget how happy I was after visiting this place. The place is so huge, that we couldn’t completely explore every side of the temple. 

*Phones aren’t allowed inside, capturing the beauty of Akshardham temple into your heart is the best practice. 

11. Lotus Temple


The pure white lotus-like structure is a very remarkable place in Delhi. The dazzling gardens and beautiful entrance are a treat to the eyes. The lotus temple surrounded by a vibrant pool with a serene atmosphere left me completely mesmerized. 

12. Jama Masjid


One of the largest mosques in India is famous for its astoundingly large area and beautiful structure. 

This was the first time for me to visit the mosque and it was phenomenal to be here. This was another stunning collection of emperor Shah Jahan, after the Taj Mahal and red fort. 

There are many food and book shops along the way to the entrance.  

13. Chandni Chowk 


One of the oldest markets in Delhi, famous for street shopping (Tip: The wholesale market offers a huge discount on many items, so you can try your luck exploring various products.) as well as street food gives you the typical local market experience. I loved the atmosphere here since I got a wondrous feeling of belonging to the city. 

You should definitely visit this place if you have some time left on your trip.

The places mentioned above are the top places to visit in Delhi which will leave you enchanted.

There are some of the major attractions in Delhi you should cover if you have a day more, like the majestic Jantar Mantar and the historic stepwell – Agrasen ki Baoli.

Tips on the Delhi tour 

1. Delhi tour includes walking a lot, so it’s preferable to travel this place before starting your next location tour. 

2. Delhi’s atmosphere is hot and humid during summers, so it’s preferable to wear clothes accordingly – for safe and comfortable travel.

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