Manali Travel Guide – Adventure and Fun!

After the fantastic ride to Delhi and then to Shimla, we proceeded to our next destination in Himachal which was majestic Manali!

Famous for its cold weather and delightful snow-capped mountains, this hill station in North India offers the best views of nature, with the flavor of lush green forests, spectacular valleys, and magnificent destinations like Rohtang pass, Solang valley, and many more. 


Best Time to Visit Manali

If you are looking for sightseeing and a family trip to Manali, then summer is the best time to visit this place.

But if you are looking for an adventure trip for activities like skiing, zorbing, or even looking for a snowfall experience then winters are the best times.

Started off to Manali by road | Beas River


Shimla to Manali takes around 7 hours to travel by car, so we started our journey in the morning. On the way, we encountered the marvelous and splendid Beas River. We spent some of our time relishing in the beauty of the Beas river at Kullu and clicked spectacular pictures. The backdrop of the majestic Himalayas took my heart. The Beas river followed us for the entire journey from Shimla to Manali and the aroma of this river couldn’t stop me looking at it throughout our way. 


On the way, we also visited the Sutlej river and the shawl factory at Kullu.

We encountered a traffic jam, so reached Manali 2 hours late. The tiredness in the traffic jam vanished as we reached the incredible Manali. 

Rohtang Pass


The next day we proceeded to Rohtang La which is 51 km from Manali. This place is the most beautiful attraction of the Manali trip. It was the first time for me to experience fun in the snow. Looking at the snowy backdrop and the snow spread in all directions made my excitement level doubled. I just wanted to touch the snow and feel how it is. I remember playing for hours in the snow, making a snowman, throwing snowballs at my sister, and also to some unknown people there. The most favorite thing in Rohtang pass was to enjoy hot Maggi while gazing at the spectacular landscape. 

Rohtang pass also offered various snow activities like sledge riding, skiing, and tire drop. I got a chance to enjoy all of these which made my day completely memorable. Mountain biking is another thrilling activity you can experience. Another wonderful thing I adore that day was holding the rabbit in my hands. It was a blissful moment to hold a cute and soft animal in my hands while enjoying the snow. Also, I spotted yaks there. Some people were relishing yak rides too.


This phenomenal day made me live the breathtaking moments of my life.

Solang Valley

The next day we proceeded to have some adventure in the midst of a fantastic backdrop, that is, Solang valley! The most magnificent view of glaciers is visible here. This place is a favorite destination for adventure lovers offering exciting activities like horse riding, paragliding, parachuting, and many more


During winters Solang valley is covered with snow, making it accessible for skiing and zorbing. I love this place because of this very special and my favorite activities. After experiencing the summer fun with paragliding, I am looking forward to winter adventure here for zorbing the next time.

Hidimba Temple

On the way back, we visited the famous Hidimba temple in Manali. This shrine is dedicated to Hidimba Devi. The tall and huge forest trees surround the temple giving a spectacular look to this wooden unique temple. It feels pleasing to be here in the serene atmosphere and chilling vibes.

We spent our later evening shopping in the streets of Manali. Walking on the streets of Manali was remarkable, it felt like living the life of locals – enjoying the cold weather and spectacular landscape daily. 


Manali is a picture-perfect place and that is the special thing about Manali because wherever you go, whether it is city roads or outskirts, whether it is a hilly region or valley area, you catch sight of the most picturesque backdrop, which is not only pleasing to mind but also satisfying to the heart. Every traveler should visit Manali at least once in a lifetime. 

Things to carry during the Manali trip 

Whether itโ€™s summer or winter, Manali is cold throughout the year. So carrying warm clothes is highly recommended. 

Also, it is a better practice to carry ID cards to Himachal. 

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