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Although I lived in Nagpur for around 22 years, I never explored all the nearby places. But, this lockdown gave me a chance to finally wander at very beautiful and rarely explored places near Nagpur – Koradi temple, Kunwara Bhivsen, and Ghogara Mahadev.

Due to the corona outbreak, it was too difficult to travel for months. But the wait was over when the number of cases started to decline and the lockdown lifted completely. I was one of the happiest souls who could make an escape to travel again – with more energy, more enthusiasm, and totally new josh!

I along with my friends booked a car one day prior and set for a lovely one-day tour. After a long time, I woke up at 6 in the morning. (Because lockdown was the laziest time period for me). Our car picked us up at 7 am and we started our expedition.

Koradi Temple

The journey started with a Koradi temple visit on our way. This temple is an architecturally beautiful Jagdamba Devi temple around 14 km from Nagpur. I was amazed by the peaceful atmosphere this place was offering. 

Kunwara Bhivsen:

Later we proceeded further to our primary destination – Kunwara Bhivsen which is just 55 km from Nagpur. This place is a small village on the banks of river Pench. The hill by the village is the major attraction where people enjoy trekking and enjoy the breathtaking river view. The 3 km trek around the hill is a wonderful adventure, which even beginners can undertake. 

We reached there by 9 am, parked our car, and started moving ahead. While entering the premises the wonderful sight of the Pench river caught my attention that I couldn’t stop staring at that lovely view. 

Trekking is fun!

We moved ahead to locate a fascinating pond which was very picturesque. We visited this place in winters, so the water level wasn’t much. But during the monsoon, the pond is full of water, and you can enjoy swimming. The road to the destination wasn’t tough, and any beginner could trek through the way. We also found a group of families trekking together and relishing their experience. 

The 3 km trek, usually takes only half an hour to climb, but photo lovers would definitely take some extra time. The atmosphere was very lovely, because of the river flowing by. That really motivated us to move faster and enjoy that flawless view from the top of the hill. 

Happiness is reaching the top

Finally, we were at the top of the hill fully lost in the spectacular view. We took the blessings of God Hanuman whose temple was situated on the peak. And enjoyed the rest of the time in the mesmerizing and pristine view of river Pench which was spread till a very far distance. Many people enjoy trekking here during evening times, as you get to watch the beautiful sunset from this point. 

Camping – never tried before

After a wholesome amount of time, we started moving down the hill. As we were moving down, I saw many people were carrying tents for camping. Those people come here regularly for family and friend’s picnics. It was fun to look at their happy faces. I haven’t tried camping before, but want to try once, just like those people.

Due to corona fear, we carried our tiffins to this spot and relished the tasty food. This experience was like a picnic during our school times. After finishing lunch, we visited the temple at the bottom of the hill and sought blessings.

Boating relaxation

Later on, we spent our pleasant time on the fantastic boat ride. Helm took us through the beautiful waters of river Pench, around the small island in the waters, and back to the corner. 


There are many local shops, which provide the very special “kaccha chiwda” that one should try. The tour at this spot ended so well that I didn’t wish to go back. But time moves, and so should we. 

Pench Dam

Next, we arrived at Pench dam. Unfortunately, the river waters were low, so the dam doors were closed. We couldn’t get a sight of this dam at that time. Otherwise, that place offers very beautiful views.   

Ghogara Mahadev

Later we moved to Ghogara Mahadev (a place 44 km from Nagpur), a splendid place to relish, to see, and to experience. When I entered this location, I felt like entering the desert. The land was full of sand, and a stream running in the middle of the region. The temple was situated at the end, where you have to climb the steps of the temple by entering the stream. That was a different and interesting concept – to wash your feet first and enter the blissful Shiva temple. The view from the top of the temple was even more fabulous – full of huge rocks on the three sides of the temple and one side covered the beautiful view of stream and desert. That set up reminded me of the Kailash mountains. This combination totally amazed me.


As we started moving down the same way, I saw an alternate route in between the rocks to go down. Usually, you miss seeing this route while climbing up, because the construction of the temple is done majestically. The beauty of this place was totally marvelous. We enjoyed some time in the stream water watching the sunset. That was one of the best moments after 10 months. (Due to corona outbreak and proceeding lockdown). 


The end of one day trip!

The day was full of excitement, adventure, and fun. Enjoyed it till my heart was satisfied with nature’s beauty. That was the end of the fantastic one day tour as we returned back to our home, watching the setting sun. 

There are many beautiful places near your hometown that you miss experiencing because your heart seeks a faraway place. Even I wished to explore many places in other states, in other countries but never visited neighborhood places like these. But thanks to these times, when sticking to locals, made me travel locally, enjoyed that time like a local nagpurkar (Nagpur city resident), and had a great day!

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Also, will be uploading a vlog on YouTube about these places soon. Till then enjoy other videos.

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