Konkan Trip – Scary yet Delightful!

Sometimes your trips give you an altogether different experience than other usual trips. My Konkan trip was such a trip –  some unexpected events and everlasting memories. 

I was in Pune, Maharashtra spending the summer holidays at my relative’s place. I am not an eclectic book reader, but with my free time, I read a horror book based on the Konkan trip. It was a nice book to read, I spent the remaining day enjoying with my cousins. 

The next day all of a sudden my parents and relatives planned a trip to Goa via Konkan. At first, I was startled on hearing about Konkan, but later even I was laughing at my amazement. A trip to a new location has always fascinated me and so I was ready for another travel journey.


About Konkan:

Konkan is a beautiful region along the western coast of Maharashtra, India. The incredible Konkan covers various cities of the state and has a very delightful atmosphere. The Arabian Sea on the left side of the region increases the adrenaline rush. The shimmering beaches and beautiful coasts are the specialties here because of which tourists visit this place throughout the year. The Konkani culture and Konkani language are really sweet which one should experience. The picturesque Konkan with red sand and mesmerizing weather attracts many wanderers and I was one of them.


The Konkan Journey Starts:

Our road journey started from Pune to Malvan, a town in the Konkan region, famous for the Sindhudurg fort. Family drives are cherishing and this one was another fantastic one.

The delicious Konkan food

Reaching there we had a Konkani style lunch  – very delicious Kombdi wade (non-vegetarian dish) and special sol kadhi. Konkan is famous for seafood and non-vegetarian items, although you get scrumptious vegetarian food too.

The remaining time we spent roaming the town and relishing in the culture of Konkani.

The scary night at Konkan

After dinner, we proceeded to our villa room, and that night, out of nowhere we watched a horror show on television. I was a little afraid now. Not only because of the show and the book but because I heard some ghostly myths about Konkan.

As we started sleeping, there was a power cut. Our villa was huge and we booked it entirely for ourselves, but now it turned out terrifying. In this situation, I tried to close my eyes tightly and sleep. But the thoughts were haunting my mind. Due to cold waves and large trees, the wind was making various loud noises. The power was back, but then the fan in my room was making cracky noise. I could have switched it off, but I was so tensed even to wake up from my bed.

Looking at my sister sleeping peacefully, I tried to sleep again. But for the entire time, I could hear some grumpy noises, like someone is knocking on my door, someone’s calling my name, someone’s waking me up. The silence in the night was too peevish for me. I was too scared. I kept my eyes tightly closed for the entire night, not even thought of peeking out.  

Myths or Reality?

With all that terrifying night and crazy fear, I finally slept in the morning ( at around 4:30 am). When I woke up, I told my family members about it, they were laughing out loud. I was in an embarrassing situation, but yes, the question was who was going to believe me? When I clarified about the Konkan myths, I learned that they were just the stories by some people in the past to diminish robbery and crimes. And the person’s psychology catches this belief soon. 

I was laughing after learning this. It was one of the craziest experiences I ever had. 

The Truth…

Konkan is haunted, but with the breathtaking nature, the roar of the Arabian Sea, the historic forts, majestic flora and fauna, and the adorable Konkani culture. The Konkani language is the sweetest, I loved hearing that from the lovely Konkani people, who are too pure from their hearts. 

The Fun at Tarkarli Beach:


We got ready and moved to Tarkarli Beach in Malvan. The white sand beach has pristine waters, surrounded by Suru trees is one of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy wholeheartedly. 

This peaceful spot has spotted dolphins too, but only if you are lucky to get a sight. 

For the entire day, we enjoyed various water rides like banana ride, speedboat ride, water scooter ride, and many more. My favorite sport was parasailing with speed boats. I was mesmerized by this activity. Flying into the air, over the water, touching the winds, dancing with the thrills, it was the most fantastic experience I had. 

Scuba Diving is another majestic adventure one can experience here. We missed this special venture because of inappropriate weather. But next time I would surely like to visit this place again for complete fun. 

The Konkani experience

After spending precious time at the beach, we moved to a friend’s house. The house had a vast garden, with 12 different varieties of mangoes. I was astonished knowing that because I only knew 3 types of mango varieties. Their home was in the actual local village of Konkan, so, it was a phenomenal experience to enrich ourselves with the Konkani background. We were served with those special mangoes and then the entire Malvani dinner. 

I was so overwhelmed with so many amazing yet funky experiences I had during my Konkan trip. Konkan is a place close to nature, and one should definitely visit this place for magnificent adventures. 

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