Kashmir – A paradise on earth | An ultimate guide to Srinagar!

I was too electrified to experience paradise on earth – scenic magnificence, wonderful places, snow-capped mountains, amazing people, and the splendid local culture. A trip to Jammu and Kashmir in India was the most memorable tour I ever had. Lots of memories, beautiful photographs, splendid exploration of nature’s beauty, and extravagant experiences were altogether a part of my Kashmir trip. 

Best Time to Visit Kashmir – March to August.

Kashmir Day 1:

The journey to the beautiful Kashmir kick-started. 

We took a flight from Delhi to Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, India. (Trains and buses from Delhi to Srinagar are available too.) Our entire Kashmir tour was planned by Kesari Tours and according to me, that was one of the best choices for holiday trips.

We reached Srinagar in the evening and proceeded to our stay.

Stay at houseboat – Nigeen Lake, Srinagar


Our stay was in the adorable and clean Nigeen lake of Kashmir. The first ride in the boat with mesmerizing sunset view, thrilling snow-covered mountains, the windy cold breeze across the loveliest lake, and little rain filled our excitement with enthusiasm. No one can describe the charming Kashmir entirely. 

There are many houseboats in the series and one entire houseboat was ours for 2 days. The chilled Kashmir was so warm in the wooden houseboat. The view from the stay was incredible. I gazed at the view for the entire time and anyone would do that. 

The region/park behind the houseboats was beautiful. We spent our later evening there. 

Houseboat Stay

The Dal lake also have wonderful houseboat stays which one can opt for.

Kashmir Day 2:

The new day brought us new hope. We started our day watching an enchanting view from our houseboat. Later, we started a journey to tour the Kashmir city. 

We visited the holy temple in Shankaracharya hills – our first spot. We had to climb a few steps and that flew away from the morning chilly vibes. It was too cold even in the summer months. The fog was spread across the temple and little rains captivated the environment. 

Tip: Kashmir is cold even in summers, so do carry warm clothes with you. We encountered rains too, so we carried an umbrella too.

Dal Lake, Srinagar

Shikara Ride

Later we hopped on for the famous Shikara ride enjoying the beauty of pristine Dal lake. The 2nd largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir reflects the snow-dusted peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains. The floating market (Raad) is another attraction of the Dal Lake. Very beautifully crafted handicrafts, saffron (Kesar), warm clothes (Kashmir fabrics), antique materials are the specialty of the floating markets. The lake is also famous for ice skating in winter when the lake freezes. 

Char Chinar Island

The picturesque Dal lake Shikara ride took us to Char Chinar Island. The small island is surrounded by Chinar trees on all four sides of it. (Thus the name “Char chinar”). We photographed ourselves in Kashmiri outfits and got exquisite nature clicks at this place. 

We enjoyed the special Kashmiri Tea – Kawa (sometimes written as Kahwa at Char Chinar. The hot, healthy, and flavored tea was very refreshing in the cold atmosphere. 

Later, we had lunch and took a little rest. Then we proceeded to the famous gardens of all times.

Nishat Bagh – The garden of pleasure

The 12 terraced Mughal garden (representing zodiac signs) located near Dal lake is too beautiful to look at. The garden is surrounded by Chinar trees and has lovely fountains along the central water channel which divides the garden into two parts with a marvelous collection of elegant flowers throughout the place. The view is beyond words. The garden captures the spectacular view of Dal lake along with the Zabarwan mountains. 

Shalimar Bagh – The adobe of Love

The largest Mughal garden in Srinagar which has a combination of man-made exquisite architectures and beautifully embarked beauty of nature. The pretty flowers attract the attention of every tourist visiting this place. “Chini Khanas” is the prime attraction here. In the old times, oil lamps were lighted here creating a pleasing glimpse. Now, they are adorned with flower pots creating a gorgeous sight.

Kashmir Day 3:

The next day arrived and we started moving towards Gulmarg – Meadow of flowers

On the way, we visited the carpet factory. The Kashmiri carpets are famous not only in India but across the globe. The amazing designs and patterns on these handwoven and high knot density carpets were very attractive. They gave us a lot of information right from differentiating the true carpet from other woven rugs to the beams used for weaving along with a short demo. There was a lot of perfection in the making of these silk and wool yarn carpets. It is said that Persian weavers have trained the local inhabitants to continue this art.

Tulip garden in Kashmir is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The view is very delightful. The only time to visit the tulip garden in Srinagar is between March end to early April. So, anyone who wants to visit this beauty, have to plan holidays accordingly.

The beautiful Kashmir can’t be described in a few words. The famous places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg around Srinagar attracts us to witness its incredible beauty.

Kashmir – Part 2 describes my splendid experience in these divine places. Groove into the magical heaven with this post.

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