Dubai Travel Guide | Tales from Arabian City | Part 1

When life gives you a chance, take it. And getting a most wonderful chance to visit my favorite destination – Dubai – was one of them. The destination Dubai is a lively place that has everything to offer, which makes every traveler fall in love with this city, and just can’t stop you saying “Wow”

Dubai City, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Chapter – The Beginning

I entered this magnificent city when I was in my 10th grade, exams were at their peak, but I couldn’t stop losing this opportunity. It was the night of 24th December when we boarded our flight from Nagpur to Sharjah, the third most popular city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That day, there was no direct flight to Dubai International Airport, the busiest airport in the world, so we booked our flight to Sharjah instead. As we set our feet at the airport, we had to stand for a long time for identity verification and arrival visa formalities

Dubai City

As soon as we were out of the airport, that long journey of exhaustion just vanished looking at that beautiful city. I was amazed looking at those tall architecturally beautiful buildings. My camera and my eyes were continuously focused on the view. I just fell in love with UAE. 

We started moving towards our hotel in Dubai city. The 163 floors Burj Khalifa stole my attention the entire way. This tall building was visible through every end of the city.

We reached our hotel, freshen up, and later proceeded to our first destination in Dubai: The Desert Safari.

Desert Safari Dubai

The second thing that comes to my mind when I hear Dubai is the desert. (Because the first one is always Burj Khalifa). The mesmerizing desert with a vast spread of golden sand is too spectacular to look at.

Desert Safari – Dune Bashing

Sand Dune Bashing

The Sand Dune bashing is an amazing adventure here to get rolling into the sand and the speedy SUVs. We located many mirages in the way, just like I had heard before. The horizon felt so incredible with the setting sun. I got the Arabian nights feeling, and the story of “Alibaba and 40 thieves” came before my eyes. Everything was so majestic.

Camel Ride

After the sand dune bashing, we reached a huge campsite. Before entering the campsite, we enjoyed a fantastic camel ride. I still remember me and my sister were riding a camel, and the camel behind us was licking my foot. That moment was too frightening and funny as well. Although that memory still hasn’t escaped my mind, neither the memories of my happy moments on my first camel ride vanish. Riding in the direction of the sun setting with sand all around us, was the most unique experience. 

Desert Safari – Camel Ride

Quad Biking/ Sandboarding

There were many other sports activities too, like quad biking and sandboarding. Those enjoyable moments were super exciting. The cold wind that was flowing around was too enchanting. Just felt like that moment should stop. 

For freshening up we went to the washroom area, and I was totally surprised at how clean and neat that area was, with big mirrors and a large place to sit and relax. 

Desert Safari – Campsite Enjoyment

Campsite Enjoyment

We went inside the campsite to amaze ourselves with beautiful celebrations around. There was a buffet of Arabian dinner that was too delicious. Some talented belly dancers entertained the audience with their dance moves. The puppet show, henna tattoo corner, and hookah corner were other attractions around. Many local people frequently visit these campsites along with tourists. The campsite that we visited was one of the campsites around the desert because there are a lot of them spread across the desert. 

We enjoyed it a lot and returned back to our hotel. This fantastic experience was more to live and relish. 

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

The next day we went for the ride to Dubai Marina. This place is a perfectly built man-made canal city. There are many leisure spots with luxurious restaurants and shopping centers. Standing as the major attraction of UAE, the marina is a dock created by Persian Gulf’s waters offering a pedestrian-friendly area with panoramic views. The skyscrapers view on one side gives the New York feels and the dockyard with canal view gives you the Venice feels. 

Dubai Marina and Cayan Tower (the twisted building)

The Cayan Tower

One skyscraper that blew my mind was the Cayan Tower. The design and architecture of the building confounded me. This twisted building in the above picture is one of the best creations in Dubai. This skyscraper is not the only one that is architecturally beautiful, but every building is designed uniquely, and that’s one of the best specialties of Dubai. 

Palm Islands

Later we proceeded to the marvelous artificial archipelago – The Palm Islands. The series of three islands, each resembling the palm tree with an outer circle, has a spectacular view to look at. Those three islands are Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel, and Palm Deira out of which tourists can only visit the Palm Jumeirah. This place can be reached by cab or metro available from Dubai Marina.

When I traveled through this metro I was astounded to look at the exact symmetry between both sides of the palm island. This metro runs exactly through the center of the Palm Jumeirah, which will cheer you up because the island is a beautiful man-made creation.

The islands have many residential properties including Shahrukh Khan’s villa with a private beach, hotels including Burj Al Arab, shopping malls, restaurants, and many more. In short, it’s a fabulous mini-city. Also, you get to see another famous resort – Atlantis, which is showcased in many films. The overall experience here is super stupendous.

Hotel Atlantis

Jumeirah Beach

The sandy white beach is one of the most explored beaches in Dubai. The high-end hotels and resorts surrounding the beach give an exquisite view of this location. Also, various shopping zones and restaurants around the beach offer delightful leisure around. The four seasons resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach is one of the amazing and luxurious resorts to stay in. I loved the atmosphere this beach was offering along with the picturesque background. 

Jumeriah Beach with Burj Al Arab in the view

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a premium 7-star hotel having a private helipad. The sail-shaped structure gives an opulent look to the building. It is one of the iconic hotels visible from Jumeirah beach that one won’t miss visiting. I got some beautiful photos clicked in front of this beach featuring Burj Al Arab. It was too lively to walk on the streets experiencing the wealthy sides of Dubai.  

The Dubai Chapter Continues

Dubai City

The Cruise dinner at Dubai Marina was even more fantastic to experience. And, the exciting next day made me ponder through the beauty of Dubai – by visiting the most iconic building of all times – Burj Khalifa and miracle garden. The Dubai Mall and aquarium were too exciting, and that half-day wasn’t enough to complete the mall tour. I couldn’t stop expressing some more fabulous moments, so stay tuned for the 2nd part of the Dubai tour where I will be taking you to some more exciting places including Cruise dinner, Burj Khalifa, Miracle garden, hot air balloon ride, global village, and the adventurous sport – skydiving!

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